Thursday, December 18, 2014

It has to start somewhere why not with you

I am not sharing this because of me, I know somewhere out there; there is someone who thinks they will never hear an I love you from mom or dad! It may start with you, if you can forgive and fall in love with them again, love will reign! I did just that, Jesus loved me out of despair and let me live again, but I had to talk to my dad whom I disliked so very much! It was hard as I lived 10 hours away and had no vacation at the time, but God had a plan and timing is all His! 

But we could talk by phone, and that is where it started, as I would hang up with him, I would say love you dad, and always got a me too from him! As some time passed I did get to sit with my dad, share my heart, my bitterness, and yet ask his forgiveness and tell him I loved him! Some people would say he should have asked for mine, but I was the one who needed to move on and if dad wanted to do anything he could! 

At that meeting he did not. But I was freed from so much bitterness and anger that day it cannot be explained except God was in control! But one glorious day, unexpected my dad made me weep, not from anger or bitterness, but from three words he would never share again. As I was getting off the phone with him I gave him my usual good bye, I love you dad. 

That is when it happened, out of no where, no rhyme or reason, he hadn't gotten saved yet, it came, three words I have not forgotten! I love you and tell the family also! I never heard it again, that does not matter, I got to hear it at least once! I have shared something similar to this before but felt led to share again I feel God wanted to too! So sometime if you want something so badly, what are you willing to sacrifice? 

Pride, anger, bitterness maybe even an abused life? Sometime to get free we need to forgive, even those who may of wronged us. A big decision yes, but also a complete freedom so worth it! God does not want you held captive by anything or anyone, He wants you free! I hope this helps someone out there, if not I needed to write it down being obedient to God! If we don't share what He has done in our lives how will people ever see His amazing love, it has to start somewhere? Be blessed all and give it to Jesus!