Saturday, March 15, 2014

A calling to wait!

I remember when I felt the call to Pastor, I went to my Pastor and told him. He suggested to me what to do next, pray! I did just that and God opened some wonderful doors for me, which took me through, fire, pain and tears. All so worth the journey! Pastoring is not all about the glitz, popularity, and self. It is about Shepherding, nurturing, discipling!

My Pastor must have thought I was a tick, I was hungry all the time wanting as much time with Him as I could get! He never had to chase me down as I was in his back pocket, LOL!!! Looking back I would have slowed down a bit more, but would not have changed my path, God had a plan! Though I have had my hills and valleys, the most important thing I have learned, never go by how I feel!!

Pray more rush less, wait more be still! I have learned where I am right now is where God has me, and I am content! What a journey it has been and I learn everyday, more and more! If you truly put it all in God's hands you will never be disappointed or despondent!  On the contrary, God will open the doors of heaven and you will be completely in His will!

Do it any differently and you will never be happy, only always searching! Paul said I have finished the race, most people never do because they want to jump right to the finish line. They miss what God has for them because they jump ahead never wanting, or allowing God to complete the work He has begun in them. So my suggestion to you, if you feel you have God's calling in your life, for any ministry.

Wait on Him. Be in prayer. Watch the hand of God just move in your life and enjoy the thrill of the ride He has prepared personally for you! Sometimes it it not the call to move as much as it is the call to wait!

Psalm 46:10, "Be still and know that I am God
Phil. 4:6, Be anxious for nothing